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To change jobs or not to change jobs – that is the question… Here is the answer

Are you looking for a rewarding role, one which stretches you to achieve new goals and at the same time lets you build on the areas of expertise you have already developed? At Compass Point Recruitment we know that making your next career move is really important. Your next role needs to have all the elements – an interesting job and opportunity to develop your skills as well as the right work / life balance.

It is our experience that our candidates change jobs for a number of different reasons; some want career progression, some structured training, some a higher salary, others just want a change of environment as they have been in their current employment for a number of years. All the above reasons and very many more can all be accommodated.

Follow our simple 3 step plan to find your next role:

  1. Prepare your CV – Click to see our tips for creating a professional CV, interview tips, tidying up your social media accountswhat to ask at an interview and what not to ask.
  2. Email your CV to team@compasspoint.co.uk
  3. Our specialist Consultant will contact you to arrange a convenient time to meet, discuss your previous jobs and find out what you are looking for in your next career move.

Since we started the business in 1995 Compass Point Recruitment is proud to say that we have had working relationships with some of our clients for over 20 years, in addition we have successfully found jobs for whole families. We really look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions that have not been are not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01284 765700.