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Job hunting... 5 tips to help you tidy up your social media

5 tips to help you tidy up your social media profile when job hunting

Top 5 Things You Need to Avoid Posting While Looking for a Job

It goes without saying that, if you are actively seeking a new job, it might be wise to think again about posting inappropriate images and statuses on your Social Media feeds!

A high percentage of recruiters and employers use social media to pre-screen for candidate selection, so it might be a good idea to make sure your privacy settings are at their highest while you’re looking for that dream job!

We have put together our take on the top five things you should delete on your Social Media accounts - such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn - if you are job hunting.


1. Inappropriate Photographs

Some platforms (especially Facebook) are default set to public for profile images, so whilst a sexy profile picture or a picture of your cat may attract attention from your friends, it will not resonate with HR professionals.

Your public image should be a reflection of your professional persona, so make sure you take down any images that may jeopardise your job search.

And remember, even with the privacy settings at their highest, there’s a slim chance that your potential employer may be friends with one of your friends, so be mindful when posting your weekend partying antics!

2. Contentious Status Posts

Any posts that may be classed as offensive can be extremely damaging for your online reputation. 

Discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion or sexuality might be a joke to you; but someone else may find it insulting or rude - especially if that person turns out to be the hiring manager! 

Political statements and bullying comments should also be avoided.  Whilst it is good to be able to voice your opinions, public rants are completely off-limits while you’re looking for job.

3. Unsuitable Screen Names

Using a nickname or even a fake name will look unprofessional to recruiters and can make all the difference if they are considering calling you for interview. 

It’s all about first impressions and if faced with a name like Crazy Catlady or Donald Duck, this would be no different than showing up to a job interview in your pyjamas: highly unsuitable!

It’s also good to bear in mind that poor spelling and grammar on social media may also be frowned upon!

4. Negative Comments about Your Previous or Current Employers

If you really did not get on with your last manager or you just generally hated that job, avoid ranting about old work colleagues and negative comments related to that Company. 

Make sure you look back at past statuses on all your platforms and delete these as soon as possible; remember, everything posted in the past is going to be visible!

5. Memes: Trending images, Videos and Text

These might be entertaining to you and your friends, but be vigilent that these might cause offence to some prospective employers; what you think is funny or cute could irritate or annoy others, so it’s not worth taking the risk.

That does not mean you should never share these – just make sure your profile is completely private, better still just do not post any until you have secured your next job!


Should I just stay off social media?

These guidelines might make you feel it may be safer to avoid any trouble by not joining social media at all! 

Think again...  most employers are less likely to invite you for an interview if they can’t find you online.


What should your online presence say about you?

Make sure you have an online presence that highlights your personality, supports your achievements and displays a wide range of interests.  

If you think you have seen your dream job, interact with that company’s social accounts - liking, sharing or commenting on any relevant posts, shows that you are interested in them.


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