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What Not To Ask At Interview

What not to ask at a job interview

6 questions you should avoid at a job interview

There is so much advice around about what questions to ask at interview - whether it is about future company growth, what a typical day looks like or what the work culture is like. 

However, as well as asking the right questions, it is just as essential to know which questions you should avoid asking! 

We have asked our recruitment consultants to list their top 6 questions which they advise against asking at interview

1. How much will I be paid?

Your recruitment consultant will give you an indication of salary in most cases. However, if it is not clear – we advise not asking at interview. The salary conversation is one that either your consultant can have on your behalf when you are a little way down the process or one which you can have if it progresses to offer stage.

2.Specifics about benefits package

Similarly, try to avoid spending precious time at interview asking detailed questions about benefits – this is something that you can easily follow up at a later date.

3. What does your company do?

Absolutely one of the worst questions to ask at interview! Your interviewer would assume and hope that you had done your research on this before you attend the interview. Not having done your ‘homework’ on this suggests that you haven’t put much effort in to your interview, and that you aren’t very prepared.

4. Did I get the job?

This question really puts the interviewer on the spot and often they will be seeing a number of people, possibly in a number of rounds of interview. Wait instead to speak to your consultant who will follow up with the interviewer soon after the event and feedback to you at that point.

5. Do you have any other jobs I can apply for?

Always focus on the job that you are interviewing for and don’t be tempted to ask about other opportunities at this point. If you are feeling unsure about the job you are interviewing for, wait until after the interview and then follow up with your recruitment consultant.

6. Do I get sick pay?

This rings alarm bells for any interviewer and leaves them questioning why you would be so concerned about this aspect of the role, and whether you are likely to take long periods of sick leave.

We could go on...

Of course this isn't an exhaustive list, but hopefully these give you an indication of the types of questions to avoid at a job interview and leave you in good shape to focus on the essential questions instead. 

Look out for our blog on what questions you should be asking at interview in the near future, however in the meantime, please get in touch with one of our team who have plenty of great ideas on how to wow at your job interview.


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