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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Staffing Solutions

The success of any business relies on the strength of its workforce. Finding the most talented permanent staffing is critical, yet the recruitment process can divert your attention, time, focus, and energy away from your core business, be it accountancy, engineering or food & agriculture

There is no guarantee that you will identify the best candidate. Your sourcing efforts can quickly become stressful, and employing the wrong candidate can be costly.

These are the reasons why you need a permanent recruitment agency with the skills to source, assess, and recommend the perfect candidates for your business.

How We Differ From Other Permanent Recruitment Agencies

Compass Point Recruitment is passionate about developing ongoing partnerships with businesses like yours. We focus on developing an understanding of your business, its culture, and the skill set your permanent staffing needs to make a positive impact on your business’s performance.

Our permanent staffing solutions leverage a combination of methods to attract candidates. We have a comprehensive candidate and specialist CV databases built over 20+ years. We advertise on our website and with carefully selected specialists and national media. Our consultants possess strong market knowledge, and our reputation encourages referrals from existing candidates and clients.

We carefully evaluate the candidate’s background and skills to determine their overall suitability for joining your permanent staffing. We screen permanent staffing candidates to create a shortlist and support you through your interview process, as appropriate.

We aim to provide every candidate with an exceptional experience that reflects positively on your brand. We fully manage the offer process, maintaining contact with both parties as selections are made, and start dates are set.

Compass Point Recruitment is proud of its success, helping candidates enjoy successful careers as businesses thrive. Please contact our team to find out more about how our permanent staffing services can help your company find the country’s most talented people.