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Unlocking success - the crucial roles of collaboration in recruiting

Teamwork Scrabble

Consider one of the most important elements of running a prosperous business - employing the best individuals for the roles and encouraging a cohesive team.  Now consider one of the most challenging elements of running a prosperous business - identifying and securing the best individuals for those roles in your organisation.


When you are looking to grow your team, one of the fundamentals you need to think about is the culture within your business and how any new recruit is likely to impact this and 'fit in' with your existing team.  We are always discussing the topic of culture with our clients and how a 'bad' recruit can unsettle everyone.  This is why it is often helpful to be collaborative when recruiting and include members of your current team in the hiring process.

It would be fair to say, any recruitment journey demands a team effort.

When you are the managing director or general manager of a business and not always working in an 'on the ground' capacity, it is important during any hiring process that you take the time to liaise with those that are.  This ensures that your employees have the chance to discuss where they feel the gaps are that need bridging.  Its also opens the door to discuss opportunities for existing team members to step up into new roles or take on more responsibility within their current role, which in turn boosts morale and encourages long service within your business - a selling point in itself.


This way of working emphasises how we partner and work with our clients.  Our approach is based upon honest communication, integrity in upholding what we stand for and our core values as a compliant recruitment agency.  We also offer our consultative suggestions and approaches in perhaps merely tweaking how you are already working in your business.  In a nutshell, we aren't just about raising an invoice. Add visual interest by pairing a compelling image with your text to entice readers to click.







Internally at Compass Point Recruitment, our collaborative working happens through our regular discussions across our specialist divisions which includes engineering, finance, industrial, office support, supply chain and sales.  This encourages a fresh perspective on specific jobs and gives us a better insight into companies that are account managed by particular consultants contributing a skill set, it ensures we can comprehensively cover every stage of our recruitment process, therefore delivering the best experience for our clients and candidates.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - 
Michael Jordan

Rebecca Thurlow is MD at Compass Point Recruitment. 
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