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Nurturing Excellence

Nurturing Excellence (1)

​By delving into the principles of recruiter-led nurturing, we reveal a remarkable approach to the job search process that moves beyond the conventional criteria.

The right recruitment firm doesn’t just match skills, but nurtures talent, making the journey from job search to job success a transformative experience for both candidates and clients. The advantage is evident and is about creating a synergy between individuals and organisations, where personal growth aligns with professional and business needs.

At Compass Point Recruitment, we play a pivotal role in building trust and rapport with both clients and candidates. We focus on nurturing connections with clients, to understand their needs and values. At the same time, we develop relationships with candidates to discover their skills and aspirations.

We see ourselves as career nurturers, ensuring that candidates' aspirations are at the fore. We take the time to understand their career goals, personal strengths and ambitions, and endeavour to present job opportunities that align as much as possible with those desires.

We don't just match skills; we empower candidates. Through coaching and mentorship, we identify their strengths and areas for development, and offer guidance and support to enhance employability.

One example is where Eleanor Lowes, our Industrial Supply Chain specialist, mentored a candidate from their initial job search, through to securing a placement as Head of Compliance.

They said: “Ellie has been fantastic! She genuinely cares and wants to help. I was nervous and anxious. However, throughout the entire process, she was friendly, easy to talk to, so supportive and professional. I couldn’t have done it without her and believe that I would still be looking if it wasn’t for her being on my side. I will always be grateful to Ellie and highly recommend both her and Compass Point Recruitment.”

Our clients experience the advantage of our meticulous candidate selection process, where we unearth the true gems. We go beyond mere skill matching, placing a strong emphasis on soft skills, interpersonal compatibility, and alignment with our clients' organisational values. Moreover, we pride ourselves on investing extra time and effort with our candidates, making the recruitment process smoother and more personalised. This commitment isn't just about immediate success; it's an investment in our clients' long-term organisational prosperity.

We understand the significance of candidates effectively showcasing their suitability during our qualification process. To achieve this, with interview support, including tips, insights, and guidance ensuring they perform at their best during interviews. This not only benefits the candidates themselves but also contributes to a successful outcome for both candidates and clients.

The nurturing journey doesn't end after placement has started. Through ongoing support, we continue to facilitate smooth transitions for candidates into their new roles. An approach which I think undoubtedly contributes to a candidate’s long-term success and retention.


Rebecca Thurlow is MD at Compass Point Recruitment. If you are looking for a recruitment partner that is passionate about connecting the right people and thinks outside the box to provide solutions and add value, contact: 

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