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​How to handle rejection when searching for a new job.

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Rejection comes in all forms, especially when searching for your next opportunity. It could be that you never made it past shortlist stage, or it could be after a lengthy 3 stage interview process where you still never made the cut. That feared phone call or email stating ‘Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful” often leaving you puzzled as to how this could be, especially when your CV matched their requirements, and you thought you nailed the interview!

Often when organisations are hiring, they will have an idea of what they are looking for in their next hire or what sort of person is going to fit into that team. There are often many variables for them to consider, which include skill set, company culture and succession planning which they will likely be considering during interview. This means that unfortunately experience, qualifications and a visually appealing CV isn’t always going to be winner!

Some things hiring managers look for when analysing a CV or interviewing a candidate:

  •          The company’s culture and how would you fit in with the current team

  •          Your motivations and what encouraged you to apply for the position

  •          The questions you ask regarding the role and the organisation

  •          Your knowledge on the relevant industry and the ability to perform the job

So how do I bounce back from Rejection?

Getting rejected for a job is never a nice feeling but it’s what you do after that makes all the difference. It’s important to keep you head up and always stay positive. More importantly, always ask the hiring manager, to provide some constructive feedback as often this can be helpful when understanding why you weren’t successful for the position.

Some candidates can bounce back very quickly and continue their job search, but some have a hard time processing the rejection and dwell on their emotions. If this is you then slow down. Speak to someone you know on a personal level to let of some steam and get an outsider’s perspective. You’re bound to feel unmotivated so it’s essential to build your confidence back up before you get back out there. Often there are tools available to help you with interviewing, hints and tips to make sure you are doing everything you can! We even have one on our website:

The last tip is to remember rejection is UNAVOIDABLE! The only way to succeed will be to keep going, keep learning and keep rising! The past cannot be changed so accept what has happened and move on. Luckily for you there are over 1 million vacancies in the UK right now so there’s always another opportunity right round the corner!

Happy Job Hunting!

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