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​How Customer Service Feedback impacts your business

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How Customer Service Feedback impacts your business

Rebecca Thurlow – Managing Director

Googles definition of Customer service – “The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services”.

This is a topic close to my heart as it is the essence of my daily professional life and therefore I find myself being somewhat judgmental of any service I receive!

I am very passionate about this subject and I am hoping, those who read this blog, will join me in publicly promoting a job well done, and politely feeding back their disappointment and frustration when they have been the victim of poor or outright appalling customer service.

What should be our minimum expectation? When asking friends & colleagues, I found them to be generally unsure but naturally that varied from person to person.

From my perspective, the minimum should be:

1.       A smile, with eye good contact

2.       A polite voice on the end of a telephone call

3.       A telephone call answered within 3 rings

4.       Keep your promise to call back or follow up!

5.       An honest response to a query

6.       Knowing your product or service

7.       Say thank you for choosing your service!

8.       Get to know your customers/clients

I do not believe the above list to be onerous, nor is it beyond the reach of any individual. It really is a “soft skill” of being polite, helpful. As a business owner myself, I understand how damaging a mismanaged call or visit, can impact on my business, which is why I feel so strongly about the customer service my team offer and what people can expect from my business when working with us.

It is funny really, that old stereotype of British people settling for average service and not being ones to complain! Although, unfortunately rarely, unless asked, do we promote an excellent service when received – which as consumers is often the first thing we look for – the positive reviews!

Conducting research for this article, I found the following information:

“The 3 important qualities of customer service centre around three “P”s: professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude” – more information on this here -

This is more like my expectations of any client & candidate interactions with Compass Point Recruitment and my expectations when I am being dealt with professionally or privately.

In reality, when you are looking to engage a supplier for your business, book in with a new hairdresser that opened a few months back or purchase a product on Amazon, very rarely do we do this without consulting reviews. These help us to determine that product is right for us, but equally they highlight to the retailer, business etc. how the service/product that they are offering ranks and where they possibly need improving. After all, if no one tells you, how will you ever know whether you are doing a good or a bad job!

If you find yourself being someone who really isn’t the best at face to face “complaining” what can you do to ensure you and your team receive genuine feedback on the service your customers receive? Some examples could be:

1.     Follow up questionnaire

2.     Personal follow up calls

3.     Ask for Google reviews so an honest balance can be sourced

For full commitment into ensuring your organisation offers excellent customer service there are some excellent top tips and advice from the ‘CEO of the Institute of Customer Service’ who interviews top business leaders on how they consistently ensure their organisation promotes excellent customer service – Link here for more information –

To conclude, if we don’t start to call out the poor service we receive, in 10 years’ time, we will continue to have that exact same below average service! That being said, always remember to shout about exemplary customer service you receive/see! After all everyone likes to know they are doing a good job!

If you are thinking of engaging an agency for your recruitment, check out our Google Reviews!

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