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The Importance of Company Values

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As a Recruiter, we spend most of our day speaking to candidates about their job searches, motivations for their next role and what is perhaps wrong with their current position. More often, one of the biggest reasons for people seeking a new role is a misalignment of core values with their employers’ values. We all have our own values personal to us and a keen sense of what we deem to be right, wrong, fair, and ethical, however issues arise in the workplace, when they are out of kilter.

Very often candidates are deeply unhappy in their job but are unclear in their minds as to what is the cause of their discontentment is. After further questioning, as to why they are feeling undervalued, we can often drill down to where events or actions have exposed a misalignment to the individuals’ own core values.

A serious clash of values can be so extreme, it can lead to the employee’s resignation without a job to go to. We generally fine that employees come to us at Compass Point Recruitment for help, due to feeling undervalued, unappreciated or having been made false promises which haven’t materialised – didn’t get the pay rise/promotion they were promised is quite a common one!

My first experience of being exposed to a challenge in culture and values was in my previous corporate life. Within a month of starting, there was a complete change of management, new MDs brought in and the family members were out! Our new MD unashamedly announced at our first meeting that there would be a change in culture and values. He recognised that some people would find this very difficult and uncomfortable and asked us all to consider whether culturally we were the right fit and if not, we might be advised to look for work elsewhere!

My initial reaction was somewhat shocked at the directness; however, he had laid out quite clearly what the new culture and values would be – being open, upfront and honest, happened to be a value I respected.

For some of my colleagues, they felt that the behaviour, mission, and culture clashed with what they considered to be good, true and respectable. Consequently, I watched these people exit the business.

I often reflect on whether he was right or wrong? Always being one for debate, what I do know is:

·         Most people care deeply about the contribution they can make at work.

·         They want to feel they are making a difference to the organisation they work for.

·         They like to feel appreciated for the work they are doing. Disengagement can often be seen where there has been no acknowledgement to this contribution.

Here at Compass Point Recruitment, we are always looking to match candidates with the right job based not only one their skill set but most importantly culture and values.

The right job goes far beyond the location, duties and pay. We take time to listen to the employer to get a good feel about their business, culture, values, and flexibility. We are careful to establish what our candidates’ priorities and expectations from the employer are. Flexible hybrid working, diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace, wellbeing and mental health policies, together with well-defined career paths all feature highly and will all help with the attraction and retention of happy and content relationship.

If you feel you are stuck in an organisation that doesn’t align with your values and would like to explore what else might be in the market, please get in touch and speak to one of our experienced Consultants, who may be able to steer you towards the culture that better suits you!

Caroline Crouchman

Compass Point Recruitment

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