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Choosing the right Recruitment Agency for your business

Choosing The Right Agency

How to choose the right Recruitment Agency for your business!

Generally when considering which provider to go for with any service, there are a number of things you would consider before making that leap and signing on the dotted line! As with most of these decisions, we like to have choice and options and choosing a recruitment agency shouldn’t be any different!

Unfortunately, there are no ‘Compare the Recruiter’ or ‘Recruitment Meerkat’ tools or websites to aid you in your decision making but I wanted to share with you a few factors you should consider when choosing which Recruitment Agency is going to best support your business.

I recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn and asked my network what they find to be most important to them when researching an agency to use and 60% said they felt ‘industry relevance’ was what they looked for and 40% were drawn in by ‘reviews & reputation’.

Depending on the type of vacancy you have in your business, may mean that you require a specialist agency, e.g. if you have a requirement for a Business Development Manager, it would make sense to go to an agency who specialise in sales (Just like me!). This generally means those consultants have access to active and passive candidates in the industry that would be perfect for your role! They are also experts in market trends and salary bandings, as well as understanding any challenges you are likely to face and being able to identify solutions. This can lead to a strong match and a quick turnaround!

I am sure I am not alone with being a big fan of reviews! When looking at holidays, films, appliances etc. I ALWAYS check the reviews! It’s great to know what other people thought about the service or product before I jump in and make my decision! Usually you will find a ‘Testimonials/Reviews’ page on any Recruitment website such as ours -, which will give you a great insight into the service being offered!

What I found to be most interesting about my LinkedIn poll, was that NO ONE felt that cost was a deciding factor to them but it is important to remember that often you get what you pay for! Whilst you may feel that you are getting a great deal if an agency halves their fees, you may end up bottom of the priority pile and last to be considered when great candidates present themselves!

Accreditation is always something to consider. Do you need a recruiter who has a GLAA licence for your vacancy to protect you and your workers, as this is now a legal requirement? In the Recruitment world, many agencies are registered with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, who ensures that best practices are adhered to by their members. They are the only recruitment industry body that has real influence across government and keep agencies up to date with changing legislations and laws. Compass Point Recruitment has been proud members of the REC since the business was formed 27 years ago. To find out more about how the REC supports their members, employers and candidates visit -

In this candidate scarce market, it is worth teaming up with an agency that takes the time to understand your company values, visits your business, meets your team, and markets your organisation in the best possible way to attract the right talent for your vacancy.

Usually once you have found a good Recruitment Agency, you won’t stray far! If you can find an agency who delivers on your brief and provides outstanding customer service throughout your hiring process – what more could you need!

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