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The Food Division has expanded!

Phil 2021

As an ice breaker to welcome Phillip Watson to the Compass Point Team, we subjected him to our quick fire questions round!

Here is what we found out about our newest addition to the team…

  • What was your nickname as a child?  – Phillis – because it sounds like Phillip!

  • If you could get on a flight right now and go anywhere, where would you go? – Peru!

  • What do you do to unwind? – Listen to vinyl records or go running.

  • What was the last present you brought someone? – I brought my dad a cigar!

  • If you had your own talk show which celeb guest would you invite on? – David Attenborough – he is the man!

  • What did you want to be grew up? – A Soldier! But they wouldn’t let me in due to being deaf in one ear!

  • What song brings you out of a rubbish mood? – Valerie by Amy Winehouse

  • What books have you wanted to read but haven’t yet – Willbur Smith books! My dad reads a lot of them so I know I would enjoy them!

  • How do you know you have become successful? – When I am forever happy!

  • What was your first ever job? – A Pot Washer in a pub in Wells-next-the-sea. I was earning £2.75 an hour in 1996!

Phil is our Engineering Consultant specialising in the Food sector. He is on hand for your candidate and client needs so if you would like to discuss your requirements with him, get in touch today on 01284 765 700 /

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