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Do you work for a Values-Led Business?


There are a lot of organisations at the moment who are having conversation about the power of value and the impact on behaviours and culture in business.


Being values led has become somewhat of a new trend but choosing to be truly “values led” is a big decision and can require sacrifice, it can even negatively effect the profit and loss for a while.


In order to truly leverage the power of a values led culture, big changes often have to be made, these changes need to be delivered at all levels and they need to be evident in the decision-making processes, recruitment, training, promotion opportunities and even choosing whether or not to work with certain customers or clients.


Compass Point Recruitment as a business has always had certain values but we have recently taken the time to evaluate those and ask ourselves if they truly reflect who we are as people and as a business. Upon reflection we felt that perhaps it was not a negative to admit to needing to make a change and therefore we have decided to adjust what our values are so that we have the focus moving forward.


So what do we feel those values are?


Well first and foremost we are a people led business, we work with people and on behalf of people so we decided that this was the best place to start looking at the values that best described us as a business:







Exceptional service


Transitioning from having the values on the wall, to being a values led company, requires a series of steps, not a single earth-shattering transformation. Whilst we along with many others are firming up what our values are it will take time to create a culture that portrays these clearly to the outside or inside world but to have a focus is important.


Why are values important?


Because your company values reflect what you and your employees stand for, they give them a sense of responsibility. Indeed, every decision your employees make should be aligned with the company values you've communicated with them. Each of your employees,  from top leadership to entry-level, becomes accountable for those decisions by asking a simple question: does this decision reflect our values?


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