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Financial Year End - What does it signal for you and your business?

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Financial Year End – What does it signal for you and your business?

For a business, the end of a financial year signals a new period of analysing, assessing, learning and planning for the year ahead.  This often includes your staffing strategy and budgeting for your future recruitment costs.  So, what exactly are the benefits of investing in your recruitment and using an outsourced recruitment partner?

Firstly, recently we have seen in virtual client meetings, when discussing job briefs, that the requirement agreed by the end of the meeting, is very different to where we started. 

One example of this was a client gave us a detailed job description however after discussion it transpired that the order of priority for his business was swapping task 5 on the list to task 1 considering a retirement in the forthcoming 6 months.  Consequently, we agreed with him to change the job title and person specification he initially thought he was looking for.

We also suggested to this client that psychometric tests were used at second interview stage to ensure the fit was precise.  Two previous employees had managed this role excellently so we were able to get the “template” of the attributes that complimented the skill set required.

Another example was a client who provided a brief where they wanted an Operations Director to become COO in the next 3 years.  However, when dissecting the job description what transpired is that they could restructure and create 2 roles for the single budget and still get the growth and back up that was the original brief!

A third client had the job description nailed, but where we were able to add significant value was with the interview structure and on boarding process.

When you are thinking of instructing a recruitment agency, which incurs a fee if you appoint one of their candidates, please ask yourself the following questions as “one size doesn’t fit all”:

How have they added value to my company?

Have they (constructively) challenged the job description issued?

Have they asked about your company values and vision to ensure the person specification is in alignment?

Have they reviewed the department the recruit is going into, again to ensure the person specification is complimentary?

Have they managed your expectations regarding timescales and when you will receive qualified CVs?

Have they guaranteed to personally contact all the candidates, to discuss your job, to ensure they are interested and a suitable fit to the brief above? (This is a GDPR legal requirement – candidates MUST be spoken to before their CV is submitted)

Do they provide you with market knowledge to help you pitch the salary or company benefits to ensure you are competitive?

Will they be shadowing your organisation for 6 months to help you, should the need arise, with the onboarding?

At Compass Point Recruitment we offer all the above, working as a Recruitment Partner to your business ensuring that we fully understand your business, your immediate requirement, your long-term vision and your values.  We manage expectations regarding how quickly we can find suitable candidates for you and market value regarding salaries and benefits.  We stay in touch throughout notice periods, induction and probation periods to ensure all is well and advising solutions for any issues that may arise.  Finally, we ALWAYS speak to candidates before submitting their details to you.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it, please read our google reviews,1,,,

Compass Point Recruitment specialise in the recruitment of temporary, interim and permanent Accountancy and Finance, Office Support, Sales, Industrial, Engineering, Supply Chain and HR roles.

In conclusion, if you are contemplating paying an agency to help you with your future recruitment, please ensure you are utilising their expertise and you are getting “value” from the process.

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