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How can Responsible Recruitment Improve your Business?

Responsible recruiting decisions

How can Responsible Recruitment Improve your Business?

With an increasing demand on businesses to prove that workers are being employed responsibly, it falls to recruiters to ensure that employment procedures are carried out in an ethical manner; protecting the rights of all staff and safeguarding the livelihoods of employees across all sectors.

Investing in ethical and professional recruitment practices can help to promote worker satisfaction and engagement, provide reassurance for clients and enable your business to continuously enhance and improve performance.


Value of dealing with companies & people who are honest, transparent, and professional

Most businesses today have corporate social responsibility strategies as part of their ethical credentials, committing to observing the highest principles of equality, professional conduct and fair practice when dealing with people.

We all recognise the value of dealing with companies and people who are honest, transparent, and professional. None more so than in the world of recruitment, where the importance of those qualities can have a major impact on the lives of individuals and companies.


An airtight recruitment strategy, done well, can help to hire employees efficiently and responsibly ahead of the competition.


In a market as broad and competitive as Recruitment, it can be hard to pinpoint a specific recruiter to support those strategies when there are a whole sea of recruiters from which to choose.


Don't forget the communication fundamentals

Sometimes it is easy to forget some of the fundamentals of communication in an age defined by Social Media, online Job Boards and the Internet in general. 

One of the most important things we at Compass Point Recruitment do as recruiters is to listen carefully to what our clients and candidates are telling us to better understand each other’s needs.

People buy into people, so by asking the right questions and focussing on building a rapport to gain a good understanding of what makes them tick, is paramount to making the right matches.


25 years and still thinking outside of the box

Founded in 1995, Compass Point Recruitment is proud to be celebrating its 25th Birthday and, over these past years in business, we have worked very hard to form and maintain some fantastic relationships to ensure that we continue to be efficient and professional and focus on finding the best candidates and placing them in great roles with our clients.

We are continually thinking outside the box; seeking solutions, adding value and continually being committed to the practices of professional and ethical recruitment.

Long term relations with candidates and employers

Candidates are not just statistics.  Gone are the days when recruitment agencies use candidates just to make a sale and as responsible recruiters, we work closely with applicants to promote strengths and expertise to potential employers making sure that they are the best fit for the job. 

Building long-term relationships with both candidates and employers is essential for business growth.  Ask any successful businessperson and they will tell you; responsibly investing in the right people is crucial to building and maintaining a prosperous business.


Compass Point your local recruitment experts

Whether you are looking to find yourself a new role or filling a vacancy, Compass Point is your local expert recruitment team. We specialise in recruitment at all levels in AccountancyEngineeringFoodHuman ResourcesIndustrialOffice SupportSales & Marketing and Supply Chain.
From our Bury St Edmunds base, since 1995, we have built excellent local recruitment expertise working with clients and candidates across the whole of East Anglia region including Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Norfolk.

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