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Dispelling the Myth... Recruitment Consultants aren’t all Bad!

Recruitment myths dispelled

Do recruitment myths put you off using an expert?

Investing the time and energy into recruiting the right person to help move your company forward is one of the most important factors for any business. People are now recognised as one of the most valuable assets within any successful company and hiring talent in any industry can be a lengthy, time consuming and costly process.

While some companies will have no hesitation using a recruitment agency to lighten the load, many recruiters are potentially put off by common myths that surround agencies and the misconceptions that sometimes give us a bad name.

Reality, myths or fake news?

Let's consider 2 of these myths, that recruitment consultants are too expensive or the benefits are just for large businesses with lots of staff turnover.

Too expensive?  

One of the most common misconceptions is that working with a recruitment consultant is too costly and not a good use of company cash.  In fact, the opposite is usually the case.  Of course, there is going to be a cost involved, but the long-term investment far outweighs the initial cost, as you are far more likely to recruit a top performing candidate who will grow and develop within your organisation.

Large businesses only? 

Don’t be fooled by thinking that only large companies with big hiring budgets benefit from working with recruitment consultants.  Compass Point Recruitment work with many different sized companies, some of whom have expanded from us placing the perfect candidate, who have in turn grown and developed their own role; getting the right people can be crucial to any business, large or small.

What a recruitment consultant does offer

A great recruitment consultant will act as an extension to your company and will take time to get to know your company in depth, to ensure they find the perfect match for your business.  Everyone’s time is precious these days so why not let a recruitment agency do all the hard work for you!

Because agencies are actively recruiting all year round for different skills and vacancies, they have a network of candidates who are open to new opportunities and who might not be actively looking at job boards.  We encourage recruiters to look at people with different skillsets that they might not have initially considered.

The best consultants won’t just find someone to fill your vacancy, they continually forge ongoing relationships. We live and breathe the industry every day so we’re in the best position to advise what works and what doesn’t in terms of recommending the best person for the job and if the salary you’re offering is the correct level for the skills you require.

A huge benefit to your business

Having access to this level of expert knowledge can be of huge benefit for any company looking to recruit someone to grow and move their company forward.


Compass Point your local recruitment experts

Whether you are looking to find yourself a new role or filling a vacancy, Compass Point is your local expert recruitment team. We specialise in recruitment at all levels in AccountancyEngineeringFoodHuman ResourcesIndustrialOffice SupportSales & Marketing and Supply Chain.
From our Bury St Edmunds base, since 1995, we have built excellent local recruitment expertise working with clients and candidates across the whole of East Anglia region including Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Norfolk.

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