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How to Handle the Counter Offer

What option to take when you get a counter job offer

What to do when you get an offer to stay?

Having gone through the application and interview process, you’ve successfully landed yourself your dream job. Just when you think the stress and hard work is over, on resigning from your current job, your boss presents you with a counter offer! 

This is the dilemma that many of our candidates have, and it can be a tricky one to navigate – a counter offer is flattering, but should you take it? 

What to consider...

Here are some points to consider before you make the decision…

  1. Think carefully about your initial motivations to leave your current job – was it purely for financial reasons? If so, does the counter offer match up with these requirements?
  2. If there were other reasons for your decision to look for new employment such as career progression, learning and development opportunities, work/life balance, location, team culture - does the counter offer genuinely address these issues?

    If it does, that is great, but it is very common to find that many candidates who accept a counter offer are back looking for work within a few months as what has been promised does not materialise.
  3. What is your current company’s history when dealing with these situations? The past is a good indicator of how successful a counter offer is for your future at that company.
  4. Consider why has it taken you to resign for the company to offer you what you are worth. Whether it is financial/progression/flexible working/benefits – why have they not offered you these benefits up to this point?  Do they truly value you, or are they simply trying to take the easier option and prevent the need to replace you?

Take time to reflect

We would always advise our candidates to very carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each role. Talk it through with close friends and family to get a fresh perspective on the choices you have. 

Ultimately you have to decide what bests suits your needs and addresses any issues you have – which role will truly represent your best interests? Our team is highly experienced in advising on these matters, so please do always feel free to get in touch with us to talk through your options!


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