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An independent recruitment agency providing a high level of service and expertise to regional employers and candidates in the disciplines of Accountancy, Sales, Marketing, Industrial, Engineering, Secretarial and Administration jobs in Bury St Edmunds and parts of East Anglia.

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Katy - Candidate

Natalie I found you to be helpful and enthusiastic regarding my job search. You were very keen to get me out there in front of potential employers. With our chat on the phone you immediately commented on how professional I was and indicated how keen you were to meet me and get me registered. In person I found you to be very welcoming and forthcoming. You immediately put me at ease by allowing me to be myself, and you encouraged me through your positivity and eagerness to find me the right employment for my skill base. I knew I could rely on you, and I felt like an individual as opposed to a candidate number on your file. You were genuinely thrilled when I informed you about an opportunity I had decided to follow up, and wished me all the best. I would definitely recommend you to other job seekers, and will keep you in mind should I ever need your assistance in the future.